Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flower + Honey = LIFE

Bismillah Alhamdulillah

A philosopher once said that "Life is the flower of which the love is the honey". Love in one form or another is the ruling element in life. It is the great instrument of nature, the bond and cement of society, the spirit and spring of the universe.

In our daily lives, we often sees flowers every where, have we ever notice and pause our selves for a moment to recall back on what actually Allah reasons to creat such beautiful being?

We can make an analogy of our life.. Our essence need love in order to smooth the sails in the ocean of tremendous. We need Allah n our living and on what extend we want to reach that? yes.. via Love.

The word "LOVE" is a general and broad term used to describe various degrees of attraction beginning with a strong predilection or liking for anything all the way to the top, being the sense of oneness with Allah and HIS Creation.

On a Material plane the highest form of love can be found in then union of a man and woman in holy relationship been blesses in Islam which known as Marriage. All loves should be simply stepping stones to worshiping Allah, our mighty Lord and creator. Allahuakhbar.
This is what Islam taught us in the revelation and the as-sunnah left by our beloved prophet Muhammad S.a.w.Love is the tranquil which united us all. One's love to family, to his Brothers and Sisters, Family and of course Our holy prophet S.a.w and Allah s.w.t.

By : Yusof Ali
[ Senior Lecture of Adeleine University ]

edited by : Nature mujahid

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sahabat masjid imam as-syafie sesi 2013/2014

sahabat masjid imam as-syafie sesi 2013/2014


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